Before and After – 2210 Graft FUE

This is a 32-year-old male suffering from traction alopecia due to many years of wearing religious headwear. In traction alopecia, years of repeated pulling and tension on the hair follicles results in the death of those follicles, and hair loss. In this patient’s case, the frontal hairline and the temporal (side) hairlines were both affected, and he was seeking restoration of those areas.

In the case of traction alopecia, the follicles are dead and no amount of medicines, creams, or other therapies can bring them back to life. Surgical restoration is the only option.

This patient had a 2210 graft FUE procedure called a frontotemporal reconstruction to rebuild both the frontal and temporal hairlines, as per our pre-op surgical drawings.

His result is amazing! We managed to restore his frontotemporal angles in a way that appears very masculine but also very natural. Despite harvesting more than 2200 grafts, his donor area looks like it was never touched. You’d never know this patient had a hair transplant.

This patient does not suffer from progressive, genetic hair loss therefore he is not on any supplementary therapies and no further treatment is needed.