Adam Rivietz 6 Months Post FUE Surgery Follow Up Call

Dr. Robert Jones: All right. So we’re just over six months post-op and just by looking initially, it looks like you have a lot more hair on the top of your head than you did when you first came to see me. Tilt your head down. It definitely looks much thicker. You were, probably when … Read more

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery – 3000 grafts – 90 Days Post-Op with Adam Rivietz

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery – 3000 grafts – 90 days post-op conversation with Adam Rivietz – Transcript Dr. Robert Jones: We’re now three months post off Adam. Yeah and, we should start just now to start to see some growth. It usually starts at about 10 to 12 weeks postop and your hair. How is … Read more

Artas Robot vs. Dr Huber & Dr Jones FUE

The hair transplantation field is continuously evolving with various new technologies, techniques and procedures that can be applied for hair transplants. In this interesting discussion, we have compared our Dr Huber and Dr Jones’ FUE technique with the ARTAS FUE robotic hair transplantation technique. ARTAS vs. THTC’s FUE Technique – An interesting comparison The hair … Read more

ARTAS Hair Transplants vs. Dr Huber and Dr Jones

ARTAS Hair Transplant Robot vs. THTC’s FUE Technique Restoration Robotics, a company founded by Dr Frederick H. Moll, developed the ARTAS System. This completely automated machine is the first robot designed to carry out the scoring aspect of the FUE hair transplant procedure. HOW ARTAS WORKS: THE MECHANICS Cameras, colour identification sensors, and 3-D imaging … Read more

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery – 3000 Grafts – Adam Rivietz

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery – 3000 grafts with Adam Rivietz performed by Dr. Robert Jones – Transcript Adam: Thanks. Now I’m nervous. Linda: Yeah. Adam: Hey, Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones: Hey, Adam. Adam: All right. Dr. Jones: Today’s the day. Adam: Today is the big day. Dr. Jones: Yeah. So we’re going to restore that … Read more

CBD and Your Hair

CBD and Your Hair Have you been running out of options when trying new things to improve the health of your hair? There’s nothing quite like a day where you feel like your hair’s looking full, falling exactly where you want it to, and feeling smooth and healthy. The secret to having more great hair … Read more

Fixing a Bad Hair Transplant

Our doctors have performed a number of hair restoration surgeries with the intention to correct the outcome from poor quality hair transplant surgeries. When restoring a poorly performed previous hair transplant, a lot of unique issues and problems have to be resolved as the procedure varies from performing a hair restoration on a fresh scalp. … Read more

Why Choose Our Clinic?

We pride ourselves on having a warm and welcoming environment with state-of-the-art equipment, and it’s our pleasure to help people from all across the world restore their confidence – if you want to know more about your hair restoration options, come see us. You’ll feel right at home. Check Out Our Toronto Hair Transplant Practice! … Read more