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How Much Does a Fue Hair Transplant Cost in Canada?​

FUE hair transplant cost can vary based on the individual. Factors such as quality of the donor area, age and degree of hair loss can all factor into the cost. On this page, we’ll cover things to consider besides just the cost so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision for yourself.

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We’ve broken down the various factors that influence an FUE transplant cost in Canada.

An FUE hair transplant is considered a cosmetic procedure which provincial insurance plans unfortunately do not cover.

Although FUE hair transplants are considered “cosmetic” to insurance companies, premature hair loss can have detrimental effects on those who are affected. Many patients report extreme personal satisfaction after pursuing a hair transplant to address this sensitive issue.

Depending on individual hair-loss patterns, there’s a chance that more than one FUE hair transplant session will be required.

Depending on the nature of the hair-loss pattern, multiple FUE hair transplant sessions may be required to fully maximize results. The great news is that FUE hair transplant results that keep on giving! Completing the procedure is merely the first step towards achieving a fuller head of hair. As the hair follicles continue to strengthen post-treatment, new hair will continue to develop and thicken over time.

There is also the possibility that during the consultation – Dr. Huber, Dr. Alexander, or Dr. Jones may suggest non-surgical options such as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or topical treatments such as Minoxidil as the better option for you. FUE is a popular option – but isn’t necessarily the best option for every individual.

To identify what an FUE hair transplant would cost you, we invite you to schedule a schedule consult with one of our doctors. Dr. Jonathan Huber, Dr. Ashlin Alexander, or Dr. Robert Jones personally handle all virtual consults with new and prospective patients to assess if a procedure (whether FUE or FUT or other) is in fact recommended and then customize a unique treatment plan based on each individual’s needs.

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FUE hair transplant costs in Canada increase with the level of expertise of the physician, but it’s a necessary investment.

We highly recommend that you select a physician who has the necessary qualifications and experience to guide you through this important decision. Regardless of where you are located, if you are considering an FUE hair transplant, any physician you consider should be a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.
To maintain their membership in ISHRS, physicians must meet established educational criteria over time such as serving in leadership positions, having the American Board of Hair Restoration certification, publishing scientific papers and teaching in scientific programs.
We are proud to share that the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeon’s Dr. Robert Jones, Dr. Jonathan Huber, and Dr. Ashlin Alexander are all fully licensed in the practice of hair restoration by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, a peer-reviewed process that attests to their high level of skill and ethical practice. They are each 100% focused on hair restoration in our clinic.

The fue procedure cost varies depending on the method or type of procedure required.

Jones, Dr. Huber, Dr. Alexander will assess whether a Follicular Transplant (FUT) or Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) is the recommended course of action for you during your consultation appointment. There is typically a price difference between these two techniques because of the labour or effort required during both the extraction and harvesting phase of the surgery.

While FUT involves extracting the donor hair grafts in one large section, FUE hair transplant costs are impacted by the extra effort required to take out the hair follicles in individual bundles. FUE is definitely a more labour-intensive method for both the surgeon and team, and they’re correspondingly more expensive.

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Other factors include:

  • Equipment costs for the procedure – Innovation and keeping up with the latest technologies can mean some clinics have higher costs.
  • Staff and labour costs involved with the procedure.
  • The complexity of the hair transplant such as primary/secondary/tertiary transplant.
  • The number of grafts that are transplanted – generally speaking, the higher the number of grafts required, the higher the costs. Most clinics use a sliding scale to calculate cost based upon the grafts.

Choosing the Right Physician for Your FUE Hair Transplant

When considering an FUE hair transplant, it is crucial to select a physician who has the necessary qualifications and experience. The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is an essential credential to look for. Membership in ISHRS indicates that the physician meets established educational criteria, such as leadership positions, certification from the American Board of Hair Restoration, scientific publications, and participation in scientific programs.

At the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons, Dr. Robert Jones, Dr. Jonathan Huber, and Dr. Ashlin Alexander are all fully licensed in the practice of hair restoration by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. Their extensive experience and commitment to ethical practice make them trusted professionals in the field.

Understanding the Cost Difference Between FUT and FUE Hair Transplants

During your consultation appointment, the hair transplant surgeon will assess whether a Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or Follicular Unit Excision (FUE) is the recommended course of action for you. The cost of the procedure can vary depending on the method chosen.

FUT involves extracting the donor hair grafts in one large section, while FUE requires the extraction of individual hair follicles. FUE is a more labor-intensive method for both the surgeon and the team, resulting in higher costs. The extra effort involved in extracting and harvesting the hair follicles individually contributes to the increased cost of FUE hair transplants.

Real Patients, Real Reviews

The Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons have successfully transformed the lives of many individuals through their expertise in hair restoration. Here are some testimonials from real patients who have undergone FUE hair transplants:

  • “Helped me through a process that I thought would be difficult, but it was easy! I am so happy with how I look now and have so much more confidence approaching women now. Thank you so much.” – Spencer Strong
  • “The entire experience was awesome! Everything went exactly as the surgeon said it would. The best part is the finished product. It looks so natural, and I look 10 years younger! I am so glad I chose to undergo the procedure.” – Hair Transplant Patient CEO
  • “The hair transplant has provided me with a new lease on life. Even with just about 1500 grafts, the results have been dramatic, and I’m incredibly happy with my surgery. I opted for the no-shave FUE option, and it was a great decision.” – Bcan86A


How is the cost of FUE hair transplant calculated per graft?

FUE hair transplant cost per graft is typically calculated based on the total number of grafts required for the procedure. The price per graft can vary depending on the clinic, the surgeon’s expertise, and the complexity of the case.

Is FUE surgery cost-effective for beard transplants?

FUE beard transplant cost varies based on factors like the size of the area to be transplanted and the density desired. Generally, FUE for beard transplants can be an effective and natural-looking solution for facial hair restoration.

What is the average cost of FUE treatment?

The average cost of FUE treatment varies widely and is influenced by individual factors. It’s best to consult with a specialist to determine a personalized treatment plan and associated costs.

How do I find a reputable FUE hair transplant clinic?

Research is key. Look for clinics with experienced surgeons, positive patient reviews, and a good success rate. Consultations with multiple clinics can provide insights into their expertise and costs.

What is the fue hair transplant success rate?

FUE procedures generally have a high success rate when performed by experienced surgeons. Success rates can vary but are often favorable in properly selected candidates with realistic expectations.

Who Did You Meet With for Your Virtual Consultation?

Another thing to note is that at some clinics, your first consultation appointment may have you meeting with a salesperson instead of a surgeon. Remember how we mentioned staff or labour costs? Well, that salesperson becomes a part of your FUE hair transplant price when you sit with them first. No matter how long a salesperson has been around, they are not a medical doctor assessing you. This is one of the reasons we say, that while we recognize that cost is always going to be a factor in your decision – it shouldn’t be the only one.

Nothing can replace the feeling of assurance, knowing you are dealing directly with a medically trained professional, and more importantly, the person who will be performing your procedure. At the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons, we have no sales staff. Our doctors meet with each and every one of our patients personally and work with you individually to build a plan that makes sense for you. Hair transplant surgeries are just that, medical surgeries. The significance of having an experienced surgeon handle your hair transplant should factor heavily in your decision making.