Adam Rivietz 6 Months Post FUE Surgery Follow Up Call

Dr. Robert Jones: All right. So we’re just over six months post-op and just by looking initially, it looks like you have a lot more hair on the top of your head than you did when you first came to see me. Tilt your head down. It definitely looks much thicker. You were, probably when … Read more

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery – 3000 grafts – 90 Days Post-Op with Adam Rivietz

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery – 3000 grafts – 90 days post-op conversation with Adam Rivietz – Transcript Dr. Robert Jones: We’re now three months post off Adam. Yeah and, we should start just now to start to see some growth. It usually starts at about 10 to 12 weeks postop and your hair. How is … Read more

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery – 3000 Grafts – Adam Rivietz

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery – 3000 grafts with Adam Rivietz performed by Dr. Robert Jones – Transcript Adam: Thanks. Now I’m nervous. Linda: Yeah. Adam: Hey, Dr. Jones. Dr. Jones: Hey, Adam. Adam: All right. Dr. Jones: Today’s the day. Adam: Today is the big day. Dr. Jones: Yeah. So we’re going to restore that … Read more

Scalp Burn Scar Repair With No Shave FUE

Video – Female – Scalp Burn Scar Repair With No-Shave FUE This woman had two scars on her scalp that created hairless patches. Thanks to the then-new “NO SHAVE” FUE procedure Dr. Jones was able to harvest 800 grafts from beneath her hair and implant them into the scars with the expectation that in 6 … Read more

Megasession Results – 3,000 Grafts and Beyond

Meeting a patient’s expectations often necessitates the transplantation of a large amount of hair in a single surgical session. Mega sessions are hair transplantation surgical sessions of approximately 3,000 to 5,000 grafts that require enormous amounts of time, talent and attention to detail. Not all hair transplant surgeons have the experience or proficiency to complete … Read more

Complete Guide to Your Hair Transplant Consultation

Deciding to undergo a hair transplant is a significant decision, and something you should never take lightly. A well-done hair restoration surgery can provide a long-lasting self-esteem boost and help you feel more confident in your appearance, while one performed by a less experienced or qualified surgeon can make you feel even worse about yourself. … Read more

Stressed About Hair Loss?

The modern world sometimes feels like it been specifically designed to cause the people living in it as much stress as possible. Early man probably did have it harder, I mean let’s face it if anyone of us had to face down a sabre tooth tiger we’d probably have a heart attack then and there. … Read more

The Complete FUE Timeline

If you are considering undergoing a hair transplant, it’s best to educate yourself before you commit to the surgery, so you have realistic expectations going in. One thing to be especially mindful of is the timeline of growth and what you can expect in terms of results. When you’re just in the early stages of … Read more