Hair Loss Solution

What is Instant Hair? Instant Hair is an all-natural hair loss solution. And let’s face it, hair loss can be tough. That’s why Dr. Robert Jones has developed this widely popular and scientifically designed product. It’s made of Keratin Protein Fibers that are easily applied by shaking the container over your thinning area, that bind … Read more

Case Study – Crown and Hairline Restoration – Repairing the male hairline and restoring the crown

Balding and hair loss affect many men at some point in their lives. The crown, temples and hairline often show the first signs of this common problem. This patient presented with wispy and receding hair across the crown and hairline. Dr. Jones was able to restore and improve these areas through a strip restoration technique. … Read more

Dr.Jones’ Toronto Hair Transplant Center – Offering Effective Hair Plug Repairs from Prior Hair Transplants

Here are pictures of a Plug Repair case of a 43 year old male, before and 2 years later, where Dr.Jones used 2700 Grafts for the Plug Repair Procedure. One of the oldest Hair Transplant Techniques was the usage of Plugs for Transplants. Plugs are hair clusters that grow together and inserted in place using … Read more

Improved Coverage on Crown and Hairline following 3000 Grafts Procedure

This is an interesting FUE case of a 40 year old male. Pictures presented below are those of the patient before and 1 Year Post Op. You can visibly observe the substantially improved coverage on the crown and hairline following the procedure, in spite of the fact that the patient has relatively thin or fine … Read more

Brilliant example of a restoration of the crown!

The photographs presented below are brilliant examples of Crown Restoration performed using 3738 Grafts by Dr.Jones. As can be clearly seen, there is excellent coverage of the crown area in the After image as compared to the Before image.3738 grafts were successfully implanted into this patient in one session. Check out this video for commentary … Read more