Why Can’t I Grow a Beard?

The beard has risen in popularity over the last ten to fifteen years. It’s also been a topic of many social studies. Why do some men sport beards while others choose to sport a clean-shaven look? Why do some prefer to look like Grizzly Adams while others prefer to look like a clean-cut GQ model? … Read more

How Does Biotin Effect Hair Loss?

The Magic Pill For Hair Loss Everyone suffering from hair loss is hoping for that magical day when they wake up and turn on the news and there it is, the answer to their prayers; the cure for hair loss. There’s no indication that we’re anywhere close to that day anytime soon. There are lots … Read more

Which Vitamins and Minerals Prevent Hair loss

How To Have Healthy Hair Everyone wants to have nice hair. As the saying goes, ‘different hair, different person’. If you’ve ever gone too long between hair cuts you know how psychology unpleasant that experience is. Having your hair move beyond the threshold where it can be maintained and fashioned into the style that you … Read more

Is Propecia or Rogaine an Alternative To Hair Transplantation?

Is My Hair Going to Fall Out? Choosing to have hair transplant surgery is not an easy decision. For many people thinking about getting the procedure, it really is a big deal. Firstly there’s the financial consideration. This cost really does depend on the number of follicles that are going to be grafted, with the … Read more

Beard Transplants Destroying Razor Industry

The Return Of The Beard There is a crisis in the razor industry. The millennial generation has fallen in love with facial hair, with recent years seeing the beard return to reign supreme as the modern man’s go-to fashion look. The ‘hipster’ trend is very much at the forefront of today’s male style, with the … Read more

Beard and Body Hair Extraction for Patients With Limited Donor Hair

Because our hair is such a prominent feature, hair loss can have a profound effect on our self-esteem. Many people feel their hair loss makes them appear less attractive, youthful, vital and desirable. Some may struggle to find a romantic partner, or to get hired for a new job – even if they are the … Read more

Celebrity Hair Stylist Aaron O’Bryan and His Hair Transplant With Dr. Robert Jones

Celebrity Hair Stylist Aaron O’Bryan and His Hair Transplant With Dr. Robert Jones Last week Celebrity Hair Stylist Aaron O’Bryan shared his hair transplant results with Dr. Robert Jones by tweeting us this photo: Less than a year ago Aaron had over 3500 grafts done by Dr. Robert Jones, and his results are absolutely amazing! … Read more