Stop my Hair Loss, But I don’t want to have a Transplant

Question: “Is there anything I can do for my hair loss other than a transplant.” Answer: “Of course there are tons of options. Take a look at my Patient of the week on my site ( This patient used my product line (shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatment, Instant hair) along with 1mg of Propecia a day … Read more

No growth after 9 months on Propecia

Question: “I have heard that by the 8th or 9th month Propecia’s regrowth/thickening will have taken effect. If I haven’t had any growth, now after 9 months, should I give up on Propecia? Answer: “Medication works differently on each individual.  I would never guarantee Propecia or any drug to any of my patients. There is no … Read more

Growth of Hair after Chemotherapy

Question: “I finished my chemotherapy four weeks ago and I am beginning to see my hair growing back. Is it true that my hair could change? I heard that sometimes hair color and texture are effected by chemotherapy.” Answer: “Most women who undergo chemotherapy have hair loss during the treatment, and their hair is pushed into … Read more

Using drugs after a Hair Transplant

Question: ” I recently had a hair transplant. Can you tell me if any prescription drugs should not be used. For instance high blood pressure medicine or viagra?” Answer: “I always advise my patients to treat their hair transplant as just another day. Implying that whatever medications used before the transplant can and should be used … Read more

Blood Pressure Drugs and Hair Loss

Question: Can you recomend a blood pressure medication that will not cause my hair to fall out. I have been using lisinopril for 6 months and am afraid that my hair is falling out because of it. I was taking metformin but stopped because i heard it too can also cause hair loss. Is this true? Help! Answer: … Read more

Negative effects on hair growth

Question: What is the truth? I`ve heard so much about how these things effect my hair, what is your opinion? Alcohol, Marijuana, Tobacco, Salt, Preservatives, Fats (red meat), Use of Dietary Supplements, Answer: Studies are on-going. The truth is that stress is a contributor to hair loss, and the way you treat your body, be … Read more

Pregnancy and Rogaine

Question: My husband and I have been using Rogaine 5% for about 5 yrs now. If we are thinking about having a child, when do I need to stop using Rogaine? And what about my husband? Answer: Your husband does not have to stop taking Rogaine (minoxidil), it should not effect the pregnancy in any way. As … Read more