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Toronto-based surgeons Dr. Robert Jones and Dr. Jonathan Huber have partnered to bring you the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre. Their combined medical and surgical expertise makes them specialists in hair restoration with proven and trusted results.

Meet Our Team

If you are seeking a surgical solution to address your hair loss, you may be wondering how to find the right doctor. There are specially trained professionals who practice cosmetic hair restoration, but not all of them are physicians. Also, an increasing number of people are performing unlicensed hair restoration surgical techniques, putting their patients at risk.

Why should you choose a physician to help with your hair loss? Physicians have unique training and education that allows them to combine both the scientific and aesthetic aspects of hair restoration techniques. Hair growth, hair loss and hair restoration are truly more than just skin-deep issues; they are whole-body phenomena. A physician learns a holistic approach in medical school, and brings that viewpoint to their everyday practice of hair restoration.

What to Look for in a Hair Restoration Surgeon

Getting hair restoration surgery is an investment in yourself – in your self-esteem, your confidence levels and your appearance. You owe it to yourself to learn as much as you can before making a final decision on what physician you want to work with. Here are some of the criteria we believe you should consider when making your selection of surgeon:

  • Experience – Experience is paramount when choosing a good hair restoration surgeon. Your goal should be to find a surgeon who has completed many procedures. Not all hair transplant professionals specialize in the same techniques, so someone who has extensive experience with the specific method you are seeking is ideal.
  • Credentials and Training – The more qualified the surgeon is, the better. A highly regarded hair transplant surgeon will be proud to share their qualifications.
  • Testimonials – Look for genuine testimonials and case studies from past patients your surgeon has worked with. It will let you know that your surgeon is skilled and will give you a lot more confidence that you’ll be happy with the results.
  • Before-and-After Pictures – Like testimonials, it is important to ask your hair transplant doctor if they can provide before-and-after photos taken in consistent lighting. They should be proud of the work they’ve done and happy to share the results with you.
  • Your Comfort Level With the Physician – Having a compatible patient/physician relationship is an invaluable part of your satisfaction with your surgical outcome. Schedule a consultation with the physician you are considering working with. Bring a list of questions to ask about the procedure. Are you satisfied that the physician spent enough time with you, listened to all your questions and answered them to your satisfaction?

We hold ourselves to a high standard of patient care at the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre. We deliver trusted results with over twenty years of experience, medical and surgical training and expertise. We encourage you to visit the pages below to find out a little more background on our two doctors, Dr. Jonathan Huber and Dr. Robert Jones.

Dr. Jonathan Huber

Dr. Jonathan Huber is known for expert hair transplants with natural looking results. Trust Dr. Huber and the team at Toronto Hair Transplant Centre to communicate all your options and to help you choose the hair restoration option that best delivers results for you.

Dr. Robert Jones

Dr. Jones is recognized worldwide as an innovator in hair transplant techniques, and patients from as far away as Africa, Asia and Australia have come to seek his surgical expertise. Dr. Jones’ commitment to providing a high-quality surgical outcome is paramount and helps to provide his patients with unparalleled results.

For Out-of-Town Patients

If you live outside of the greater Toronto area and you are considering hair transplant surgery, we invite you to investigate the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre. Many patients worldwide travel to our centre because of our reputation and incredible hair transplant surgery results. Although we recommend speaking with local hair transplant surgeons available to you in your city as well, we also stress that selecting the right surgeon should set precedence over convenience.

Virtual, Phone and Online Consultations with THTC

Realizing the costs involved with travelling to the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre, we recommend that we first evaluate your hair loss condition as best as possible using virtual or online consultations (with emailed photos). This initial contact is also your opportunity to evaluate Dr. Huber or Dr. Jones and gain an understanding of their approach to hair transplant surgery and the overall care and attention provided to their patients. We are confident you will be impressed.

After your consultation with Dr. Jones or Dr. Huber, should you elect to proceed with scheduling a hair transplant surgery with the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre, you may be eligible for reimbursement of some of your travel expenses. Please speak to the Doctor during your consultation or contact our clinic for more details.

Use our virtual tour below to see our practice before you come in! Check out the whole modern and clean facility from the comfort of your chair, couch or cell phone. It’s a great way to familiarize yourself with our layout and see that you’re going to a first-rate medical facility.

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