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The Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons and Acorn Bio Labs have partnered to offer you cell banking! Contact us to purchase our kit.

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Why Is Cell Banking Important?

New regenerative treatments to recover hair loss are coming quickly, and the cells found in your own follicles are the key ingredient.

Studies have shown these cells have the power to help regrow hair, replenish skin, repair damage, and even regenerate tissue.

‍But the clock is ticking. As we age, so do our cells, and over time, they become more damaged and less capable. We see this in our hair as our follicles start to lose their regenerative potential, stem cell activity slows down, hair strands begin to thin, and we start to lose the ability to replenish the hair we have. This means when we need our cells the most, they may be too old and ineffective to receive the full benefits of regenerative treatments, including hair restoration.

What if we could stop the effects of aging?

And have access to younger follicles for regenerative hair treatments?

acorn cell banking kit

The first step towards regenerative hair loss treatments

Your decisions today can help secure a bright, healthy, and vibrant future.

With the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons and Acorn, you can bank your best cells today, ensuring that your most precious health resource – your own cells – will be in prime condition when you need them.

This simple, non-invasive stem cell banking can give you peace of mind about your future. Cryogenically preserving your cells with Acorn completely halts the effects of aging, providing you with a collection of your own younger cells, ready for the future of regenerative hair treatments.

Saving your own follicles to
future-proof your hairline

By combining current hair loss treatments with Acorn cell banking, you’ll be receiving the fantastic benefits of treatments today while also ensuring you have the best possible starting material preserved for the next generation of regenerative hair loss solutions. 

Leveraging your own younger cells can provide better results for regenerative treatments. In the near future, we anticipate using stem cell extracts from your banked younger cells to provide new solutions to help with hair growth. But this is just the start, with more advanced applications emerging every year, using our cells’ power to replenish what we lose with age. Whether it’s cell reprogramming, stem cell extracts, follicle regeneration, lab-grown follicles or other regenerative solutions, the most important ingredient remains the same: your own cells. 

Banking your cells with Acorn ensures you have your best possible cells ready for the next generation of regenerative hair loss treatments. 

Our Results

Our Results - Hair Transplant

Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons are internationally known for our pioneering hair transplantation work.

Our huge archive is here to help you see what we can do for you. Use the link below to view some sample cases.

How Cell Banking Works

The non-invasive solution to preserving your younger follicle cells for use in future cell treatments.

Step 1 – Harvest your best cells

Your hair follicles are plucked and collected in a non-invasive procedure, available at any age, by our team at THTS.

Step 2 – Confirm their viability

Cells are counted and analyzed for viability, providing you confirmation before storage.

Step 3 – Cryogenically freeze them

We separate your cells into multiple vials and freeze them at -196° Celsius to stop the effects of aging.

Step 4 – Access them in the future

Your cells are safely stored and ready to access for applicable treatments.

The ideal cell source

Hair follicles are multi-germ cell sources that can be collected non-invasively, replenishes naturally, and features valuable skin cells and stem cells.

The hair follicle is a plentiful and diverse cell source that can be accessed non-invasively, and when plucked, regenerates naturally. 

Research has shown that the hair follicle contains cells that have the ability to help rejuvenate skin, regrow hair, repair tissues, and even be leveraged in revolutionary stem cell applications.

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What is Acorn?

  • Acorn is a cell cryopreservation service. We stop your own cells from aging, so you can have younger cells to leverage in future regenerative treatments.

Why should I bank my cells?

  • Regenerative medicine is the next generation of healthcare and aesthetic treatments – using our own cells to heal our bodies.
  • Our cells will be the most important ingredient in regenerative medicine, and leveraging younger cells can provide younger results, with more regenerative potential. Cryopreserving your cells with Acorn will give you a lifelong resource of your own younger cells to use in upcoming regenerative treatments and therapies (e.g. regenerating a pancreas, rejuvenating your skin, growing hair follicles, etc.) 

Are cell-based strategies, like follicle banking, a replacement for hair transplants?

  • Regenerative hair loss treatments are not designed to replace hair transplants. As these treatments start to emerge, they will be complementary to hair transplants by strengthening your follicle population and providing important elements for the health and function of your follicles. Banking them early ensures you will have the best cell source to support your hair – and health – for a lifetime.

What are the regenerative medicine strategies for hair loss that could leverage the follicle cells preserved with Acorn? 

Leveraging banked follicle cells through regenerative medicine provides multiple strategies to support hair loss. Acorn acts as a platform to provide you with the best cells to use as the starting point for a lifetime of future treatments, both in the near and long term.


  • Acorn has formulated and patented a serum derived from a patient’s own stem cells, which is rich in growth factors, extracellular molecules, and exosomes that are known to promote the regrowth of hair from dormant follicles and rejuvenation strengthening of the existing hair follicle population. 
  • Acorn will begin to deliver this serum to initial patients as early as 2023. It is important to note the concentration of these growth factors in an individual’s cells declines as we age.


  • Tissue engineering strategies to create new autologous populations of lab-grown hair follicles are very exciting, but still in the developmental stages.
  • There are a number of companies investing in developing follicle creation technology, sometimes referred to as hair cloning, but is more accurately the process of creating additional follicles from a patient’s own stem cells. Many use iPSC technologies to differentiate a patient’s own cells into folliculogenic cells. 
  • Acorn has successfully turned banked cells into induced pluripotent stem cells, and these iPSCs could be used in potential lab-grown hair strategies. By banking younger cells, clients will have a more effective starting material to leverage in these new and developing strategies. 

When will I be able to use my banked cells?

  • While there are no currently available commercial applications for banked cells, there are over 8300+ cell and gene-based trials, with more new trials happening every year.
  • Acorn is actively involved in developing products from banked cells, with partnerships across major universities and healthcare institutes across the United States and Canada. 
  • Acorn’s first stem cell-derived serum is planned for trials with initial patients as early as 2023.

What does it cost?

  • A one-time initial Collection fee of $800 at The Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons.
  • Yearly cell storage of $190 for individuals or $350 for a family.