Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Why do some men recieve less grafts yet seem to have thicker hair?


Question: “I am 36 yrs old and am considering getting a Hair Transplant. I need a little in the front and some on top. What are the risks of shock loss in males over 30? Also, why do some men who receive less grafts in a transplant appear to have fuller hair than some who receive more grafts?”

Answer: “Risks of shock loss following hair transplantation occurs in young men, but Propecia/finasteride will help prevent it.

As for your second question. A fine hair may have 1/4 of the bulk of a coarse hair, so a transplant in a coarse haired person will be fuller than on a fine haired person, if the same number of grafts are used. A good character wavy hair will cover better than a straight hair. A kinky hair will have even better coverage. Also, the difference between the color of the hair and the scalp (contrast) has a lot do to with the result of a transplant. And finally the skill of the surgeon is very important to the aesthetic outcome of the transplant. I always recomend that people be meticulous in the research of a doctor hey are considering. Demand to see photos of past work they have done, and even go so far as trying to contact patients who have had transplants by the doctor you are considering. There are many doctors performing transplants with little experience. You will be amazed at how much more effective a skilled doctor is at creating a full looking hairline.”