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Negative effects on hair growth


Question: What is the truth? I`ve heard so much about how these things effect my hair, what is your opinion? Alcohol, Marijuana, Tobacco, Salt, Preservatives, Fats (red meat), Use of Dietary Supplements,

Answer: Studies are on-going. The truth is that stress is a contributor to hair loss, and the way you treat your body, be it how much you drink or how you eat, contributes to the stress inflicted on your body. To what extent these things effect your hair is hard to say exactly, but below is what i think. I will also include a section on nutrition in my next news letter.

  1. alcohol use – in excess, yes
  2. marijuana use – possibly
  3. tobacco use – possibly
  4. high salt diet – I would doubt it.
  5. diet high in preservatives – I don’t know.
  6. high fat diets, red meat – There are claims that red-meat has an effect on hair growth
  7. use of dietary supplements like multivitamins – no
  8. over intake of certain vitamins – yes