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Saw Palmetto and Healthy Lifestyle vs. Propecia


Question: “I am aware that supplements such as saw palmetto do not compare in strength and effectiveness to finasteride. But what if you had a daily routine with strict quidelines rather than taking propecia daily? The routine could look like this:

  1. keep cholesterol intake low to possibly decrease your testosterone levels
  2. 1-3 cups of green tea a day
  3. daily intake of supplements which include moderately large amounts of saw palmetto,nettle, beta sitosterol and lysine
  4. omega 3′6′9
  5. vitamin b complex
  6. daily multi vitamin of good quality

Also, I heard somthing about vitamen A contributing to male pattern baldness. Can you comment? Thankyou and keep up the infomative work!”

Answer: “Saw palmetto does not work the same way as finasteride, it is tough to rely on, much less predictable. It is always good to live healthy and have a low cholesterol diet. Any good thing in excess can be bad for you (for example taking too much vitamin A).

If the regimen you outlined works for you, then I would stick with it… but from my point of view, scientifically, it may help slow further loss, but I doubt it will be effective growing your hair. Good Luck, Dr. Robert Jones.”