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Female Hair Loss After X-Rays

Question: “Im a female and had about 30 x-rays this year… A few months later I started to lose a lot of hair, a general thinning and in patches. My doctor doesn’t believe that the x rays were the cause. A blood test didn’t show any reasons for hair loss, and it’s not a genetic … Read more

Saw Palmetto and Healthy Lifestyle vs. Propecia

Question: “I am aware that supplements such as saw palmetto do not compare in strength and effectiveness to finasteride. But what if you had a daily routine with strict quidelines rather than taking propecia daily? The routine could look like this: keep cholesterol intake low to possibly decrease your testosterone levels 1-3 cups of green … Read more

How Long Can Transplanted Hair Grow?

Question: “I’ve noticed that most men who have had hair transplants keep there hair cut real short. If I get a transplant, will I be able to grow out my hair? Say about 12 inches long?” Answer: “Yes it is possible to grow your hair out. To any length.”