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Non-Surgical Hair Restoration


Hair transplants are not for everyone. Some can’t justify the expense, and others just might not feel they have lost enough hair yet to really need a hair transplant. For such people, there are some excellent alternatives to a hair transplant.

What are the alternatives to a hair transplant?

when it comes to hair loss, you have choices.

Non-surgical Hair Restoration Below are some of the best non-surgical options for addressing your hair loss.

Proven treatments

Guys who are new to the world of hair loss often assume the only real solution is to get a hair transplant, but this just isn’t the case. There are now treatments on the market that have been clinically proven to combat hair loss. The two main ones are finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine).

They’re not effective for everyone, and do come with a risk of side effects, but it’s certainly worth trying them, as they could very well slow down your hair loss and sometimes allow you to regrow any hair you’ve lost.


Concealers, or hair fibres, as they’re often known, are a way to make your hair appear thicker without any need for intrusive treatment or medication. The fibres work by bonding to your existing hair, which keeps them in place and provides a more natural appearance.

While they’re only a temporary measure and must be applied daily, they can provide a very convincing and natural thickness to your hair for minimal expense.

Injectable treatments

Injectable treatments such as mesotherapy can be a great way to thicken up your hair and prevent any further loss. If you haven’t heard of it, mesotherapy is where a mix of vitamins and pharmaceuticals are injected directly into the skin to improve its appearance. For hair loss, a mix of DHT blockers and minoxidil are usually used.

Hair systems

While hair pieces usually get a bad rap, for some men, they’re a great way to restore their confidence and get a full head of hair back. Hair systems can be applied so they’re extremely natural-looking and people won’t be able to tell it’s not your real hair.


This approach is certainly not for everyone, but if you have very severe balding and want to achieve the ‘buzz-cut’ look, there are tattoo artists who specialise in this. Essentially, you have your entire head covered in very small tattoos to mimic the look of real hair. While it might not be convincing close up, it can give some guys the extra confidence they’re looking for.