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10 Things That Make Your Hair Grow


1. A Good Diet

A good diet is one of the best ways to ensure your hair is healthy and grows quickly. A good diet for your hair should include lots of vitamins, protein and healthy types of fat. If you find you’re deficient of any particular vitamins or minerals, then supplements also work well.

2. Minoxidil

Minoxidil (aka Rogaine) doesn’t work for everyone but plenty of guys have had great results from using it. You can get minoxidil either in liquid form or as a foam that you apply to the top of your scalp.

3. Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is great for keeping your hair healthy. Not only does it get blood pumping to all areas of your body (including your scalp) but it also makes you happier and less stressed, which is always good for your hair.

4. Scalp Massages

Scalp massages will increase the blood flow to your scalp and also make the skin softer. This encourages new growth and also makes your existing hair healthier.

5. Drinking Water

The benefits of drinking enough water are well documented – more energy, better skin, lose weight etc. However what you might not realise is that drinking water is also beneficial to your hair. The main reason for this is that drinking water will help your body to flush out toxins faster.

6. Avoid Hairdryers and Straightening Irons

Hairdryers and similar appliances can make your hair very hot and dry, which can lead to damage and ultimately breakage.

7. Cleaning Your Hair Regularly

Cleaning your hair regularly with a good shampoo will not only help it to look good but will also prevent it from becoming greasy and damaged.

8. Avoiding Stress

Extreme stress can affect your health in all sorts of ways, including causing your hair to fall out. Therefore it’s a good idea to cut down on stress as much as possible to help your hair stay healthy. Practicing meditation is an excellent way to do this.

9. Using Home Remedies

There are main great home remedies you can use to encourage hair growth. For example applying egg whites to your hair will make it incredibly strong and healthy

10. Using Herbal Treatments

There are mixed opinions of herbal treatments but when used in conjunction with healthy diet and regular exercises, they can provide a lot of benefit to your hair.