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Have A Hairy Holiday!


Happy holidays from everyone here @!

We’ve been hard at work throughout December and have some great new cases and more to show everyone.

Is a hair transplant one of your New Year’s Resolutions?

No matter what you’re thinking take a minute to check out all our new video and case studies. We want everyone to know about the groundbreaking work we’re doing.

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New Video Cases – Awesome Hair Transplant Results


CASE 1 – 44 Year Old Male – 3900 Graft Strip Surgery

This is a huge amount of grafts and really shows how much hair you can get from one big session with Dr. Robert Jones. Most facilities can’t come close to this many grafts in one session and it’s one of the things our hair transplant center is known for. We perform exceptional hair transplants day in and day out. If other people have told you you’re not a great candidate for a hair transplant give our team a chance.

CASE 2 – 33 Year Old Male – 3000 Graft FUE

Beautiful result in a young man. Note the restoration of the temples and crown which had pretty significant hair loss. This case is a FUE case so there is no linear scar along the back of the candidates head. In this case we shaved the patient’s head, harvested the grafts from the thick hair of the sides of his head and planted it broadly across his temples and crown. Are you considering a FUE? It’s a great procedure for gentlemen that want no linear scar but still expect good coverage of the entire head.

NEW VIDEO PLAYLIST – 14 of our best video results all in one place

We’ve complied some of our best videos from the past year. This playlist really shows the range of work we do here and the amazing results we get day in and day out. If a picture is worth a thousand words we think these videos are worth a lot more. Watch all the results of scan through the playlist for a result that is like your case.