Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

33 Year Old Male – 3000 Graft FUE – Restoration of temples/crown/forelock


Beautiful result in a young man.

Note the restoration of the temples and crown which had pretty significant hair loss. This case is an FUE case so there is no linear scar along the back of the candidates head. In this case, we shaved the patient’s head, harvested the grafts from the thick hair of the sides of his head and planted it broadly across his temples and crown.

Are you considering an FUE? It’s a great procedure for gentlemen that want no linear scar but still expect good coverage of the entire head. Hair transplants continue to evolve and change. This is just yet another example of the FUE transplants that we perform day in and day out at our Oakville based hair transplant practice. Don’t trust your appearance to a facility that just dabbles in hair transplants. It’s all we do and we’re not just good at it but passionate about it. Contact our team and send some pictures using the form below.