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Female Hair Restoration

About 10 to 20% of the hair transplants I perform are on female patients. Hair loss in female patients is a huge problem, affecting 50% of females over the age of 50. Males can get away with shaving their head or some even look good with thinning balding hair, but for females it is always a source of embarrassment. Fortunately, there is a solution for females in most cases. Minoxidil, cosmetic hair thickeners like InstantHair, hairpieces are all options available to patients that we usually try before resorting to hair transplantation. The patient shown was extremely happy with the results. We performed 1500 grafts to her frontal forelock and within a year it had thickened up enough for her to wear her hair back.

If you are a female losing some hair please feel free to contact my office for a no charge consultation and I would be happy to discuss options with you,

Dr. Jones

Before Hair Transplant

Before Hair Transplant

After Hair Transplant