Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Are you overpaying for your hair transplant? When is the cost too high?


OP1These are the key factors that help you determine if you are overpaying for your hair restoration :

  • Location matters.

Places like Newyork and Los Angeles offer hair restoration services at a higher price compared to the rest of the states.

  • Type of facility case4-300x223

If you are opting to get your hair restoration done in a hair transplant chain facility, then you are obviously paying for the staff, marketing team, premium location, advertising costs etc., as opposed to getting your hair restoration done in a transplant center.

  • Number of grafts that you require and appropriate pricing structure

FUE pricing ranges between $5 – $15/graft – so make sure with the increased number of grafts you require, the costs are quoted at the least pricing per graft of this sliding scale structure. For sessions that require 2000 grafts or more, you should not be paying more than $5 per graft.

  • Traveling time and boarding costs

Don’t forget to consider the traveling time to the facility and any boarding and lodging expenses. Factoring in these expenses will make a difference in your decision as to which facility you would prefer to get your hair restoration done.

  • Time away from work

Time away from work obviously costs you money. Factor in the time that you have to stay away from work for initial and ongoing consultations, for the procedure and time for healing and recovery.

What could you do to avoid overpaying for your hair transplant?

  • Do your research before making your decision about your choice of hair transplant provider. Review their website, patient testimonials, reviews about the facilities and physicians, before and after photographs from patients who underwent their procedures etc.,
  • Make sure that the center uses the latest methods and state of the art techniques and not outdated procedures.
  • The experience of the physician performing the transplants and his knowledge and expertise level in the industry
  • Make sure you address your doubts and questions about the procedure costs with your physician during your initial consultation.

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