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What factors contribute to the costs associated with getting a hair transplant?


While a significant percentage of the population shows a good amount of interest and curiosity in getting a hair transplant as a treatment for hair loss, most people are concerned about the treatment costs. The procedure is a cosmetic one and so insurance does not cover the cost of hair transplantation. While alternative treatments for baldness may be less expensive, the procedure is a reliable one with proven results. So ideally, instead of looking at the treatment costs as expenses, the costs involved with the procedure should be looked upon as an investment.


The average hair transplant procedure costs range between $2000 – $15000.  So why is the procedure priced in this range? What are the contributing factors to this price? Let’s take a closer look into those factors..

  •  Total number of sessions that are required by the patient
  • Number of grafts required for the procedure
  • The hair transplant technique that is utilized for the procedure
  • The facility where the surgery takes place such as a hospital or a hair transplant centerFUE-button
  • The geographical area / location where the facility is located
  • The background, experience and expertise level of the surgeon performing the procedure
  • Hidden costs or additional expenses such as recovery process, medications etc.,

Perhaps the prime factor that dictates is the number of grafts that are transplanted. The more the number of grafts needed, the more amount of time that needs to be spent in recovering the grafts and implanting them.


Depending on your hair loss pattern, surgeons can advise you about the number of sessions that you will require for the procedure, which is another influencing factor that determines the costs.

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