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Minoxidil vs Propecia for Young Men


Questions:  “Dr. Jones, I have had diffuse pattern thinning as long as I can remember. my hairloss slowed down considerably and I am now 23 and still have reasonable coverage. However my hairloss has not stopped, and thats what I’m hoping for. I began using 5% minoxidil a year ago with which I achieved good results. My hair was much stronger and i noticed some regrowth. I began to develop a reaction to it after some time and was prescribed a topical steroid and advised by my doctor to stop using it. My hairloss has now comeback so i started using 2% minoxidil which has not really helped but ive had no reaction to it. I have now tried 5% minoxidil without the azelaic acid for about a week and I’ve had a noticable slowing down of hairloss and so far no reaction.As I said I want my hair to start growing. At a consultation with a well known, good quality from what Ive heard, Hair Transplant Clinic, I was prescirbed propecia because they told me I was too young for a transplant. Though I am kind of nervous to start taking it I must say. Ive read mixed reviews about propecia.

What do you think? Take both minoxidil and propecia, just propecia? I’d appretiate your advice.”

Answer: “Propecia is the more effective solution for the young balding man, assuming that you really have genetic hair loss. I have mentioned over and over again that you need to establish a baseline measurement (metric) for the degree of miniaturization before you start drugs like Propecia, because you need to know what the benefit is over time. These miniaturization measurements are invaluable for that purpose. Minoxidil with acid compounds tend to irritate the skin over time. The use of steroids work to manage the irritation, but chronic use of them will cause hair loss. Get a doctor to work with you so you know what you are doing. Good Luck”