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Hair Loss in the shower


Question: “I know I have read before that washing my hair everyday wont increase hair loss but I cant help but notice how much falls out when I wash my hair in the shower. Should I be getting so worried, and not shower because of it?”

Answer: “Washing just pulls out the hairs that would have fallen out unnoticed at another time of the day. Washing your hair will not change your hair loss, will not cause any more hair loss than your regular cycle. Continue with your efforts to stop your hair loss. And look for new products, look for new developments that can help your confidence. Instant hair thickening fibers are an amazing option for those who struggle with the appearance of their hair while they seek out other options. Dr. Jones Instant Hair is a daily topical fiber you apply to your scalp, that thickens up your hair and looks totally natural. check out my site for industry developments and to get the products you need to save your hair. Good Luck. Dr. Jones”