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Leila’s Hair Museum – Hair As Art


Sitting on the corner of really cool and kinda creepy, Leila’s Hair Museum is definitely an interesting part of the world of hair!  This facility focuses on hair art and she’s really found most of what was lost to the ages at her museum. With thousands of pieces from the 1600’s until today this is undoubtedly the largest collection of hair art in the world. We think it’s pretty cool how hair used to memorialize and record a person prior to the invention and popular acceptance of the photograph.

We support you Leila. Keep on collecting your hair art and we’ll keep helping people grow it!

FROM THE SITE: “Leila’s Hair Museum is the only hair museum in the world, boasting over 600 hair wreaths and over 2000 pieces of jewelry made of human hair. First-time visitors to the museum usually don’t know what to expect. There is no exact date that can be pinpointed as to when and where hair art began, but it is known to have flourished in the Victorian times and can be traced back to the 12th century. Many pieces were for a memorial purpose; however this art form was also used as a keepsake of a loved one before cameras were invented. Hair was a token of love in these times as well as a remembrance of someone who passed away. The tradition of giving a lock of hair goes back hundreds, and even thousands of years and can be traced from different cultures as well as different time periods. Reliquaries are an example of this, and contain crushed bone fragments, hair or blood of a person.”