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Greetings to all guys and ghouls out there…

What makes so different?

1. We’re SCARY fast and accurate – We’re completely committed to hair transplants and our results speak for themselves. We do huge numbers of grafts day in day out and have results that other facilities just can’t match.

2. All we do is hair transplants – While tons of Toronto doctors do the occasional transplant or have it in a huge list of cosmetic services they offer, we’re ALL ABOUT HAIR. This dedication lets us focus on your results.

3. We’re pioneers in our field – The team @ are innovators. We were one of the first practices in North America to adopt FUE hair transplants and we focus on the newest developments in hair transplantation to help our patients get the best results.

4. We’re easy to talk to – No consult fees, call Dr. Jones anytime and talk directly to the doctor. We shoot straight and give you information without the hard sell. What we do sells itself. We want you to make an informed decision if you’re ready of a hair transplant or ready to wait a few more years. Get all your options from non-surgical to a complete transplant. A happy patient always knows all their options…

5. We guarantee our work – if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. You can be confident that you’ll walk away a satisfied patient. No smoke, no mirrors, just great results from a world class team.

Check out our newest work!

5200 Graft Hair Transplant – VIDEO CASE STUDY

Great example of complete crown coverage from a big case. Even though his hair is light and fine he still has amazing growth!

70 Year Old Male – Great Hair Transplant Results

This fellow is aging backwards! You’re never too old to have a full head of hair. This really shows how much coverage we can get at any age…


We want you to know exactly what to expect from a Dr. RObert Jones hair transplant. This shows the whole day of surgery from pre-op to post. Keep an eye on the blog and check out this great result in 6-8 months!

Scar Revision – Conceal Previous Strip Surgery Scar

If you have a scar from a previous hair transplant or from trauma we can help conceal it. Micropigmentation really covers the scar and makes it almost unnoticeable even if you wear your hair short…