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I am 18 and have a big forehead, can I lower my hairline?


QUESTION:  Hello, I am eighteen and have been in contact with a few doctors who don’t seem to be interested in my case.  I’m not losing my hair, I just have a high hairline naturally – more like a big forehead and I would like to lower it.  Can this be done??  Thank you

ANSWER:  Hello, thanks for sending in your question.  The doctors you have contacted are likely showing caution as it is difficult to predict with a man of your young age how, when and if male pattern baldness will occur.  A hair transplant could actually speed up your onset of balding.   I would suggest having a miniaturization study done of your scalp.  This would allow you to see if the balding process has started.  And provide your doctor with a better indication of what your hair loss future will look like.  Finally, once you have considered all of the risks at hand with the surgery you could make the decision to undertake the transplant.