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Can new grafts destroy my old transplant?


QUESTION: Hi Dr Jones I have had two hair transplants in the past.  The second one was 6 months ago and my doctor has suggested that I get additional grafts in the temple area.  I am wondering though if these new grafts could destroy by way of shock loss the newly grown hair from my recent transplant?  I am already on propecia for treatment of the shock loss.

ANSWER: Thanks for your question.  I would definitely suggest speaking about this with your doctor.  He should be able to provide answers for you !  Definitely the shock loss from your transplant 6 months ago should be well over.  Although we can attempt to prevent shock loss with the use of propecia it is not always in 100% of cases successful.  It is therefore possible that you could loose some of the hair from the previous transplant in the temple area from shock loss caused by the new grafts.