Can I give blood while on propecia?

QUESTION:  Hi Dr Jones.  I went to give blood today and being on propecia realized that I was unable to.  I have always given blood quite regularly so it came as a bit of a shock.  Is it true that as long as I am on propecia I will be unable to give blood?

Answer:  Hello.  Yes unfortunately patients on propecia are not eligible as blood donors.  The reason is that there is a risk that the blood will be given to a pregnant female, which in turn could cause harm to the foetus.  You could consider going off propecia for 2 weeks before giving blood, it shouldn’t have much of an effect on your hair and you can resume treatment after words.

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Doing Your Homework

There is one standing point we make at the Toronto Hair Transplant Centre – that being, we strongly encourage our patients to ‘do their homework’.

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Dr. Jonathan Huber

Dr. Huber completed his training in medical and surgical hair restoration under the direct guidance of Dr. Robert Jones, one of the world’s most influential, experienced, and trusted hair restoration surgeons.

It was Dr. Jones who pioneered large session FUE and Dr. Huber has uniquely benefitted from Dr. Jones’ direct, one-on-one mentorship by learning the exact same techniques and utilizing the same highly experienced, expertly qualified staff.

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