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How do I know when and if I will go bald?


Question: I am 20 yrs old. My father is pretty bald, but didnt start losing his hair until he was 37. How do I know if I will be going bald and what can I do to keep my hair healthy and hopefully not go bald like my father?

Answer: Well, to answer your first question directl – new developments in genetics research regarding the genes that cause balding have led to the creation of a test that will notify you if you have the genetic composition that will lead to balding. It is quite a breakthrough, I offer this test at my clinic as are more and more doctors around the world. You can find out indepth information regarding the stuidy and how to get a test on my website, So if you find out that you do have the genetic make-up that will lead to baldness you can tehn make choices, drug, and lifestyle, so to minimize the hair-loss that will occur in the coming years. Good Luc, Dr Robert Jones