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Cut my head shaving, will this cause hair loss?


Question: “Hi I am 27 year old male. I accidentally cut myself with a razor when I was shaving my head. This happened at the front of my scalp on my hairline. The cut was deep, a patch of my skin was removed. I could see white. I am terrified that my hair may not grow back. Do you think I will be able to regrow my hair there?”

Answer: “To determine if the hair will grow back depends on how much skin you lost(if any). If you lost a full thickness of skin (down to the fat) in a reasonable sized area, then the hair will not grow in that area. If you had it sutured back together or allowed it to heal edge to edge, then hair regrowth probably will occur provided that there was no gap left open. In that case, you should ask the doctor who sutured you back together. Good Luck, Dr. Robert Jones