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Hair loss in Older Men


Question: ‘I am a 62 yr old male and my hair has been receding for some time. I had a heart attack recently and my hair loss has accelerated since that trauma. So thus my question, Does trauma such as a heart attack increase hair loss and, if so, what can be done to fight the hair loss?’

Answer: ‘Of the causes of hair loss in men Genetic inheritance and male hormones are the two most important (time and stress arethe other significant causes). Genetic hair loss occurs before the individual reaches 35 years of age, and it usually slows down with time. Beginning to lose hair after the age of 45 does occur, but these are very rare cases.

Your heart attack caused stress and, along with alate genetic expression was probably the cause of your hair loss. I have seen this occur in genetically prone men with various stress inducers, be it illness or divorce.

I would probably recommend that you start on the drug Propecia, because continued hair loss is possible. Propecia may slow or stop the hair loss and it might even reverse it. THe drug works differently with every individual. If it does not do the trick, then a hair transplant would be the next option. In the meantime I would recomend my Instant Hair Thickening Fibers, available from my site, This product is wonderful as a topical aid to those who are in the process of fighting their hairloss and are looking for help aesthetically in the mean time. Good Luck, Dr. Robert Jones’