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FUE Hair Transplantation technique – is it for me?


Your personal appearance and presentation are significant factors in developing a positive attitude towards life and a ‘feel good’ feeling about yourself. Hairline and your hairstyle do play a huge role in presenting a youthful appearance. A receding hairline may be a harsh reality to many – this could present a big mental setback to cope up with, as it is very closely associated with your looks. While plenty of hair loss drugs and treatments exist in the market, the true challenge might be in choosing a safe and effective drug or treatment for hair loss.

FUE Hair Transplantation technique – how is it superior compared to others?


FUE Hair Transplantation technique is a revolutionary state of the art procedure that involves implanting hair follicles in areas where baldness or loss of hair exists. FUE technique presents several advantages over other transplantation methods such as prevention of scarring, significant and effective hair growth, Use of automated devices during the procedure etc.,

Is FUE for me?

  • FUE is ideally recommended if you want to keep your hair short.
  • FUE is well suited for you if you want to minimize the effects of scaring from the surgery.
  • FUE is your ideal choice for a natural-looking hairline.
  • FUE is the best option if you are young and may still experience natural hair loss/regression.
  • FUE is for you if you are genetically prone to hair loss.
  • FUE is better implemented in your hairline if you are with a safe and reliable Hair Transplantation provider such as the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Here is a video showing some amazing results from a 3000 Graft FUE case by Dr Jones.

Look at the Post Op video showing the well-improved hair density! There’s excellent coverage in the front and the temples and not a sign of baldness that was prominently visible!

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