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Famous Five Myths about Hair loss! Learn the Facts today.


Aging is a natural process and there are so many changes in our physical appearance as we age.

Having a full and thick head of hair can make a big difference to your confidence but unfortunately, as we age this is often lost.

plucking_grey-hair-img-1While going through hair loss may not be a pleasing experience, it is very important to realize and understand some of the popular myths surrounding hair loss. Doing so gives you better control over hair loss and helps to get rid of any unnecessary fears.


carrots-img-2Apart from the natural aging phenomenon, hair loss can also be induced by using poor quality hair treatments, using unsafe chemicals and hair dyes, poor nutrition or unbalanced dieting as well as over exposure to the sun. Eating a healthy diet including as much as fresh vegetables and fruits is very essential for healthy looking hair.


Myth # 1 – Baldness has no cure.

While Baldness may not be completely reversible, there are many ways to get a natural looking hairline – hair transplantation is the trusted treatment for balding and when your hair transplant is implemented under a trusted physician’s care such as Dr.Jones’, you can be assured of a good looking hairline and say goodbye to hairloss.

Myth # 2 – Hairloss is from your Mom’s side of the Family.

Scientific research has proved that hundreds of genes are responsible for the regulation of hair growth and hairloss. Apparently, there are genetic components from both sides of the family that need to take the blame for your receding hairline! Don’t blame your mom for getting it!

Here is an interesting video clip that was on ABC News, with Dr.Alan Bauman explaining popular hair loss myths.

Myth # 3 – Frequent Shampooing and Conditioning makes you susceptible to Hairloss.

It is natural to notice some hair shedding after shampooing or conditioning your hair. This does not have to raise any concerns as the hair follicle cycle goes on continuously, with the hair follicles getting replaced by new hair follicles. Keep shampooing for healthy looking hair, but make sure you use trusted and name brand shampoos. Your hair is not a place to experiment something that has not been tested, so take your hair care seriously.

Myth # 4 – Wearing hats frequently may contribute to hair loss.

Some people take to wearing hats in an attempt to covering up their baldness. While wearing a cap or hat itself does not cause imminent harm to someone’s hairline or hair loss, ensure that you only wear clean and hygienic hats to eliminate any chance of scalp infection.

Myth # 5 – Hair Loss is linked to higher Testosterone Levels.

The natural Testosterone Levels do not play a role in hair loss. A natural compound of Testosterone called Dihydrotestosterone(DHT) may cause hair loss in individuals. Being a male and taking Testosterone may trigger hair loss.

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