Just had my Hair Transplant done. Now what about Grooming and my hairstyle?

Just had your hair transplant? Congratulations! You are on your way to getting a natural looking hair and your hair loss does not need to be a roadblock to your social or professional life anymore. Getting the hair transplant accomplished is indeed your first milestone of your determined effort to get yourself a new and younger look.

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Now that you have undergone the transplant surgery, there will be a dozen questions that follow – including what are the Post Op precautions I should take? When exactly can I use hair dryers? What about hair accessories? I need to color my hair now! And yes, I need to know if I could use hair dyes and other chemicals on my hair….And what is an expert’s opinion about salons hair treatments and hair straighteners? What about hair gels and waxes? The questions never seem to end…Here is a great video clip that instructs you how to care for your hair following a hair transplant. View it to get several of your Post Op questions answered.

hair-tools-4hair-tools_2Well, here is also what we have compiled for you as valuable suggestions from experts.

Following a Hair Transplant……

  • Make sure you do not use any chemicals or chemical treatments including hair coloring on your scalp for a period of at least 6 weeks
  • Ensure you use a very gentle and safe shampoo in the first week (at least after 3 days Post op) following the transplant, taking special care of the transplanted area
  • It is highly recommended to wait for a period of at least 2 weeks before you start to use hair dryers and hair care products such as gels or waxes.
  • Remember to treat the area containing the implanted hair follicles as gentle as you can
  • While applying hair gels or creams, make sure you don’t pull or disturb the implanted follicles
  • Another good recommendation from experts that you should consider is getting your scalp massaged after around 4 months following the Transplant procedure. Massaging improves blood circulation and also strengthens the hair follicles.
  • Hairbrushes can also be used after 4 months following the transplant
  • Always make sure of clean and hygienic hands before touching your head, to keep your scalp free of any infections
  • Make sure you are regular with follow up appointments after undergoing the transplant procedure
  • Take medical advice from your doctor before using Rogaine, Dermatch, Toppik etc.,

Before your Hair Transplant surgery, make sure you discuss any of your Post Op care questions with Dr.Jones.

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