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Eyebrow Transplant Surgery


Have you ever wondered about eyebrow transplant surgery? Looking to restore your overplucked or thin brows? Well you’re not alone. Eyebrow FUE surgery is pretty popular and something our surgeons here at the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons have lots of experience with.

Follow along on the day of surgery with Anna who, as a pre-teen had a friend overpluck her brows. Dr. Jones performs an eyebrow FUE hair transplant surgery to restore Anna’s brows to her liking.

In this video, Dr. Jones takes you into the surgical suite and walks you through Anna’s surgery and as a bonus, the end of the video features a follow up video call approximately 2 weeks post-op (so you can see how Anna’s doing).

Continue to follow this patient’s eyebrow transplant journey here on our blog, over on our YouTube channel or via Instagram on our channel or Anna’s @smalltownbigbrow channel.

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