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A Virtual Consult with Dr. Huber


Oh how technology has changed our worlds. And never more so than over the past two years. Virtual shopping, celebrations, and even appointments. At the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons, we were ahead of the virtual curve thankfully. That means that we were able to continue to ‘see’ patients from near and far throughout the past two years. 

How did we do it? Well, we had been using our virtual consult platform for a few years. It enabled us to ‘meet’ with patients who lived outside the GTA and sometimes even beyond Canadian borders. The result was a pretty seamless transition to seeing all our patients for consultation virtually.

Our platform enables both patient and doctor to communicate, share images, files, and creates a resource that both patient and doctor can reference. For example, following your virtual consultation, your doctor will add notes summarizing your consult. You can access those notes at any time by signing into the portal. 

But, regardless of how efficient and effective we believe our portal is, we know that many people still have reservations about not being seen in person. What better way to show you how well it can work than with a real-life example!

Enter Austin! Austin is a hair transplant patient of Dr. Huber’s who is documenting his experience. Take a look and listen for what a virtual appointment is. The flow of conversation has not been tampered with – this is a real consult.

We invite you to follow along in the video below as Austin meets with Dr. Huber for his primary virtual consultation. 

This is the first video in a multiple video series that we will share here on our blog and over on our YouTube channel.

Big shout out to Austin for allowing us inside his personal hair restoration journey!

Play Video about Virtual Consult at THTS with Dr. Huber and Austin