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Why Can Some Guys Pull Off a Shaved Head While Others Can’t?


Have you ever noticed how there are certain guys who pull off a shaved head so well that you don’t even really think of them as being bald or “suffering” from hair loss. They wear their shaved head so well you wonder why guys even worry about hair loss at all.

To help explain, below are some key reasons why some guys can pull off a shaved head while others can’t.

  • Head shape

    There’s no doubt that head shape has a lot to do with whether you can pull off a shaved head or not. Generally if you have quite a round shaped head then you’re not going to look that great with it shaved.
    There’s not much you can do about this one since it’s down to genetics but head shape definitely affects how guys look with a shaved head.

  • Facial hair

    It’s quite a big cliché for guys with a shaved head to grow some facial hair. Often people will say this is because they’re trying to make up for their lost hair but growing some stylish facial hair can actually help bring a person’s look together very well.


  • Physical stature

    This is another big cliché when it comes to guys with shaved heads and for good reasons. There’s no doubt that in most cases, a shaved head looks better on a guy who is at least in decent physical shape compared to a very slight man with no muscular definition or one who is out of shape.
    When guys first start losing their hair, one phrase they’re almost certain to hear at some point is “just shave it and start working out”. This isn’t bad advice since it will not only improve how you look but it will give you something to focus on other than your hair loss too.
    Working out and getting in great shape actually leads onto the next point…

  • Confidence

    A reason that you might not have considered as to why certain guys can pull off a shaved head is confidence. If you think about it this makes sense. Regardless of how attractive a person might be, if they’re confident in themselves and have a magnetic personality then you’re not going to focus purely on physical attributes such as the amount of hair they have.