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Amazing Baldness Gene Discovery by Scientists!


Here’s a stunning and the most amazing discovery that could revolutionize baldness treatment – discovery of a gene that causes baldness as early as in one’s youth or childhood. You never know, this could be the ultimate finding that could help end the search for a standard hair loss treatment!   This could pave way for providing hormone independent treatments for baldness. The discovery was based upon a series of joint efforts from several research teams across the globe – Rockefeller, Stanford and ColumbiaUniversities. Mutation that occurs in a gene named APCDD1 (adenomatosis polyposis down-regulated 1) has been proven to cause hair loss that begins in an individual’s childhood. The disease is widely known as Hereditary Hypotrichosis Simplex (HHS).

Shrinking hair follicles may be visibly noticed, and the scalp hair begins to get thinner and finer. APCDD1 exists in Chromosome 18. The mechanism behind the hair loss is that an inferior version of APCDD1 obstructs a signaling pathway wherein genes communicate with proteins to stimulate hair growth. This signaling pathway has been extensively studied in mice by researchers. It thus makes sense to study this mechanism in humans to identify clearly the triggers of baldness. Researchers strongly believe that intense research and study of APCDD1 gene will definitely aid and go a long way in the treatment of baldness and other hair loss issues.

Here is an explanation from the lead author of the study, Angela M. Christiano, Ph.D. Research-2_Angela Dr.Christiano is a professor at the ColumbiaUniversityMedicalCenter, specializing in Dermatology, Genetics and Development. Analysis of genetic data from families with Pakistani and Italic ethnic origins revealed that there existed a common mutation in the APCDD1 gene that can be found on a specific region of chromosome 18. Some prior studies have indicated the involvement of Chromosome 18 in hair loss conditions including androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata.

The above discovery is indeed an incredible breakthrough in the hair loss field, for it will have a huge impact on hair loss research in the future and aid in the evolution of newer hair loss treatments. The incredible finding will also aid in shaping up better strategies for treatment of various forms of hair loss. For more information or details about the research, please visit :


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