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Super secret Nutrients for Healthy Hair!


Have you ever looked at the healthy, bouncing and lively hair of some people and wondered as to what is the secret of it? Well, its not just about the styling shampoos, conditioners and other hair treatments that they use. So what’s the ultimate secret? It is definitely in your diet! While crash diets can result in hair loss and thinning of hair, a well balanced diet enriched with vitamins and proteins can strengthen your hair from the roots, thereby giving it a natural glow and appeal to it.

  • Protein is great for your hair!diet_4

The outer layer of your hair is made of keratin. In take of protein that is iron rich boosts the keratin and strengthens your hair. Experts recommend consuming fish, low fat cheese, spinach, lean meat to strengthen keratin.

  • Don’t forget those generous fruit servings!

Blueberries is one of the excellent sources of antioxidants compared to several other fruits or vegetables. Blueberries are great to reverse the aging process and keep you youthful looking. Go grab some from your supermarket! Kiwis – don’t underestimate this fuzzy looking, brown fruit. They are simply loaded with antioxidants and Vitamin C, which is great for Collagen building. Collagen is very essential for hair follicles and promoting good health to the blood vessels in the scalp. Why don’t you try a healthy serving of yogurt with some strawberries, blueberries, kiwis and top them off with some chopped tomatoes?

  •  Add some Silica to your diet.

Silica is a nutrient that is found in whole grains such as rice, oats as well as in sunflower seeds, cucumbers, cabbage, asparagus etc., Silica is indispensable for good growth of nails and hair.

    •  Get your B Vitamins!

B Vitamins are very essential for the formation of keratin. Get your boost of B Vitamin from carrots, sardines, salmon and egg yolks.

  • Be regular with your diet

Make sure you do not skip meals or not go for a crash diet to get rid of those pounds quickly. Food is very important for enriching your body with continuous energy and hair follicle stimulation and activity. If you need to snack between meals, make healthy choices – including nuts, whole grains, salads or fruits.

  •  Massage your hair prior to showering

While a massage is a great way to stress relief, massaging your hair with tea tree oil, eucalyptus or peppermint oil prior to showering works great for dandruff issues as well as providing a nourishing treatment for your hair. Enjoy the pleasant aroma from these oils during the massage!

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