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4th Generation No Shave FUE – Tell Your Story – 25% Discount for 3 Patients


Looking for ONLY three great candidates to document this revolutionary new procedure. No other practice in the world is currently offering this special FUE procedure. Get an undetectable and scarless hair transplant at an amazing price and help us share this new procedure with the world.


No Scar – No Shave – 25% Discount For Only Three Patients.

Traditional FUE requires patients to shave their entire head. This new procedure allows patients to keep their hair and get a undetectable hair transplant with no linear scar. If you’re accepted into this pilot program you’ll get a 25% discount off the procedure and VIP treatment throughout the process.

Tell Your No Shave FUE Story

We’ll document your whole case with video and photography for the website. You’ll need to return to the practice at 3 months, 6 months and 1 year for about 30 minutes of photo and video. In trade you’ll be one of the first patients on earth to get this special procedure.

Who Is A Good Candidate?

This procedure is particularly suited to men or women with long hair and a receding hairline. If you want a hair transplant but scars and head shaving is holding you back, you’re a great candidate for this new procedure. We can harvest 2000-2500 grafts so patients with a widows peak, receded hairline or light hair loss are the best for No Shave FUE. Patients with late stage hair loss or large bald areas will probably need more grafts than this undetectable new procedure can provide.

Keep The Hair You Have, Restore The Hair You’ve Lost… At An Amazing Discount!

We’re so excited to document this groundbreaking procedure we’ve set up this pilot program. Once we’ve located these three candidates this deal goes away forever. If you’ve been waiting to get a hair transplant and want to keep the hair you have contact our team ASAP.

Mention the “Tell Your Story” Promotion To Get Started.

Just call (877)789-4247 or fill out the form and upload some pictures with our interactive, mobile ready form at:

We’ll review your case and get back to you immediately. Once we find these 3 “Tell Your Story” cases this offer goes away forever. Tell your No Shave, No Scar story and get a great deal on the newest advance in hair transplant technology.