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Welcome to Toronto Hair Transplant Center – we are your ultimate destination in the search for Quality and Effective Solutions for any and all of your hair loss problems. Without a doubt, your Hair and Hairstyle are very important aspects of your appearance and play a big role in living your life to the fullest. … Read more

Patient Infographic – Complete Patient Timeline – Hair Transplant Start to Finish

Patient Timeline – Hair Restoration We love our new Hair Transplantation Tmelines. They let you really see a normal hair transplant procedure from start to finish. One of the difficulties of documenting a hair restoration is the length of time it takes hair to grow. A truly great result is often 12-18 months after the … Read more

Case Study – Crown and Hairline Restoration – Repairing the male hairline and restoring the crown

Balding and hair loss affect many men at some point in their lives. The crown, temples and hairline often show the first signs of this common problem. This patient presented with wispy and receding hair across the crown and hairline. Dr. Jones was able to restore and improve these areas through a strip restoration technique. … Read more

Hair Restoration – Correction Of Plug Repair – Revision Hair Transplant

hair transplantation has really evolved in the past few years. The old plug technique was notorious for an artificial and “Ken Doll” look to the the hairline and scalp. The new micro grafting techniques allow the implantation of much fewer hair follicles per implant usually one to three hairs per individual transplant. This results in … Read more