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Young Male, my hair loss is increasing by the day it seems


Question: “I’m suffering severe hair loss, i’m an asian working in London and during the past few months, my hair has been falling out quite a bit. I have been using Mineral water for hair wash. I also use Mintop and Revlon thickening serum for my hairlossl and I use good herbal oils for massaging my hair and leave it overnight a day before head bath. I take good care of my intake and eat good quantity of soya every day to arrest hairfall. I’m very depressed as in spite of all this my hairloss is worse day by day. Please advise. I stopped masterbation as I heard this generates more DHT resulting in hairloss, so should I stop visiting sites like the Nu Bay index? Please advise what more do I do to control my hair fall. ”

Answer: “I would strongly suggest starting on Propecia as soon as possible. As well, make sure you are using 5 or 6% minoxidil to thicken up your hair. Both of thee are FDA approved to promote hair regrowth. Diet makes very little difference for hair loss and masturbation has NO effect on DHT levels or hair loss. If you are still concerned, please send me a few photos and your telephone number and I’ll call you to discuss your situation personally,
Dr. Robert Jones”