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When will my hair loss stop?


Question: “At what point in a man’s life would you consider the effects of male pattern baldness to be in remission? I realize that we loose hair everyday, but from what I’m inferring from reading the commentary on your site is that you don’t recommend transplants to males younger than 25 because they may continue  to experience the effects of the balding process.

As a 46 year old male would it be safe to say that the effect of DHT on hair loss is over for me? What is the average age of your hair transplant recipients?

Thanks for the insight Dr. Jones.”

Answer: “Hair loss continues throughout a person’s life if they have the balding gene. Balding usually slows down when you reach your 40’s and 50’s. I don’t like transplanting younger males as much because they have higher expectations as far as density goes, often unrealistic expectations to be honest. The age of my transplant patients varies from 25 to 75.

good luck
Dr. Robert Jones”