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Scalp Burn Scar Repair With No Shave FUE


Video – Female – Scalp Burn Scar Repair With No-Shave FUE

This woman had two scars on her scalp that created hairless patches. Thanks to the then-new “NO SHAVE” FUE procedure Dr. Jones was able to harvest 800 grafts from beneath her hair and implant them into the scars with the expectation that in 6 – 12 months those areas will have grown out and been undetectable.

Have you suffered a burn leaving you with a bald patch on your scalp? if that’s the case we invite you to contact our team today. Recent advances in hair transplant technology have allowed us to not only repair scars to the scalp but harvest hairs without creating a second scar or shaving your entire head. People with long hair and women will be particularly interested in this new advancement. Contact our team to have a professional assessment of all your options.