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VIDEO – 4th generation FUE


VIDEO – 4th generation FUE – Partial No Head Shaving – Male Hair Transplant 1500 Grafts

Check out the day of surgery for the new 4 Generation FUE completed by the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons’s Dr. Jones in 2015.

This a video case study of the day of surgery for a 4th Generation FUE case by Dr. Robert Jones. We did not shave the patient’s whole head. Rather, we create thin bands where hair was harvested from and transferred to the thin areas. This had many benefits for the patient:

1. Donor sites grow back – the small donor areas are covered by natural hairs and will grow back. This means patients will have an almost unnoticeable hair transplant after the initial redness and healing takes place. It means patients with long hair or who just don’t want to shave their heads can enjoy a hair transplant with minimal downtime.

2. No linear scar – the strip method of hair transplants leaves a scar across the back of the head. This new method makes it so the patient will not have this dramatic scarring.

3. Difficult to detect – many people want a hair transplant but just don’t want the dramatic effect of shaving the entire head. This new procedure allows people to have a hair transplant that is hidden by your existing hair without a large scar.

Considering a hair transplant? The “NO SHAVE” option is offered at the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons – however, we generally only perform surgeries up to 1000 grafts in this manner. We can do more – but would recommend the additional grafts happen across multiple surgeries. Contact our team to learn all your options.