Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

VIDEO – 2000 Graft Beard Transplant – Day Of Surgery


Beard transplants can really change a patients appearance.

There are few cosmetic procedures for men that can make you appear more masculine and define the face so quickly. This patient had a very thin beard around his cheeks and jawline. We were able to harvest 2000 hairs from the back of the patient’s head using the FUE method. We implanted 1000 hairs on each side of the patients face to enhance his jawline and beard density radically. In just a few weeks these hairs will start growing and really change his appearance. Have you always wanted a thick and full beard? Are you considering a career in lumberjacking? Want your goatee to connect? No matter what you want to do with your beard we can help. It’s a great procedure and we’re doing more and more beards every month. Contact Dr. jones to learn all your options.