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Should you tell your friends and family you’re having a hair transplant?


For men who decide to get a hair transplant, they often struggle with the question of whether to inform family and friends of their decision. Of course, for men with moderate to severe hair loss, there really isn’t an option in the matter. If you’re having a new hairline rebuilt of have a lot of thinning then people are almost certainly going to notice your new look.

This article is for men with mild to moderate thinning at the crown who might want to keep the fact that they’re planning on have a procedure quiet. Below are some pros and cons of informing family and friends that you’re getting a hair transplant.


  • You have nothing to hide – If you don’t tell anyone that you have had a hair transplant then you might feel like you’re hiding something, which can in turn cause more insecurity. Sometimes it’s better to just get things out in the open.
  • You may be offered financial support – If your family is particularly supportive then they may even offer to help you bear the cost of your procedure, especially if it’s going to cause you financial hardship.
  • They can offer advice – Even if your friends and family aren’t experts on the subject of hair loss, they can still offer you invaluable advice. For example your hair loss might be very mild and preventable with treatments, therefore a hair transplant is unnecessary but you might not consider this until someone else points it out.


  • Ridicule is a risk – This is probably the biggest reason why men who get hair transplants want to keep it a secret. Jokes about hair loss can soon turn into jokes about your hair transplant. This can be quite upsetting if you don’t have a thick skin.
  • It might make you more self-conscious – Knowing that everyone who knows you is aware of the fact that you’ve had a hair transplant could actually make you feel more self-conscious. It all comes down to your particular personality and the type of people you associate with.
  • They may try to dissuade you – You might be dead set on getting a procedure only for the people you tell to try and put you off. This can make you even more confused and delay your decision.