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Why does balding affect people differently?


For many men who start losing their hair, it becomes the bane of their existence. It’s all they can think about and it can severely affective their confidence, career and relationships. For other guys, losing their hair isn’t that big of a deal and they simply get a buzz cut or shave their head completely.

So what are the factors that cause men to react to hair loss differently? Below are some of the big ones –

  • Self esteem – If your self worth is closely tied to your appearance then hair loss is going to be a huge source of stress in your life. For people who have a very healthy level of self esteem that comes from other sources in their life, whether it’s their career or achievements, then hair loss is not going to be as big a deal.
  • Relationship status – This is a big one. One of the main things that men who are losing their hair worry about is the impact it’s going to have on their ability to find a partner. For younger men, this is usually one of their biggest worries. For men who are already in a relationship, this source of insecurity is not as prevalent.
  • Career status – For the guy who’s well-established in his career, hair loss may not be as big a thing for someone who’s looking to climb the ladder. Confidence is a huge part of success in business and hair loss can drastically affect the confidence of a lot of guys.
  • Aesthetic – There’s no denying that some men can pull off the shaved head look a lot better than others. For guys who can really own the look, baldness might not be a big deal at all. However for guys that suit having a head of hair, it’s much more devastating.

If you’re suffering from hair loss then you might think there are few options available. However advancements in hair transplant techniques combined with the introduction of proven treatments such as Rogaine and Propecia mean that hair loss doesn’t have to be the defining that it used to be.