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Products Protect Transplanted Hair and Help Thinning Hair


Products That Protect Your Transplant and Help Thinning Hair

A hair transplant should be taken care of and maintaining both the newly transplanted and existing hair should be a top priority for you in your daily routine.

One of the best ways to maintain a transplant is to use products developed by our very own Dr Robert Jones. It should provide peace of mind and investment to know that products sold at the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons are developed with the highest level of expertise just like the techniques of the transplant procedure itself.

These products also help if you are struggling with thinning hair:

  • Dr Jones’ Organic Shampoo keeps your hair healthy and clean without the addition of harsh chemicals that break down the transplant or thinning hair. *** UPDATE – As of September 2019 this product is no longer available. We encourage you to look for natural hair shampoos that are free of surfactants, sulfates and harsh chemicals.
  • Instant Hair Thickening Fibers can help fill out the thinning areas of your hair.

Where to Get These Products

Remember, hair health is a wise investment, but like any investment, you must nurture it with research and the right products.