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Dr.Jones’ Toronto Hair Transplant Center – Offering Effective Hair Plug Repairs from Prior Hair Transplants


Here are pictures of a Plug Repair case of a 43 year old male, before and 2 years later, where Dr.Jones used 2700 Grafts for the Plug Repair Procedure.


One of the oldest Hair Transplant Techniques was the usage of Plugs for Transplants. Plugs are hair clusters that grow together and inserted in place using the technique of Multiple Unit Transplantation. Plugs do not serve the purpose of Hair Transplantation effectively as they have several disadvantages such as uneven growth pattern of hair.


Dr.Jones uses effective techniques to fix issues with hair plugs and has helped several patients who have experienced undesirable consequences from hair plugs and has treated the patient’s hair to look more denser and even. Got Questions? Contact us today to see how Dr.Jones can help restore your hair line !