Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Before and After – 210 Graft No Shave FUE

Not every surgery is a big one. This is a male patient who’d previously had a small FUT/strip transplant of less than 1000 grafts back in 2008. He returned with a small area of thinning on the right side of the frontal hairline where it meets the temporal hairline that he wanted corrected.
Rather than repeating his strip procedure, we elected to do a small no-shave FUE procedure. In this surgery, only the follicles that are being extracted and transplanted are cut; all the remaining hairs are left alone. The result is that following surgery, the donor area looks completely untouched. A procedure like this is generally suitable for surgeries of 500 grafts or less (but sometimes a little more).
In this case, we outlined the area to which he wanted added density and refined the shape of the hairline. We found 210 areas where we could fit an additional graft, and that’s how many grafts were used in this procedure.
The results are amazing! The patient achieved the density he wanted in a way that looks completely natural. He continues to use a DHT-blocking oral medication in combination with topical minoxidil to prevent ongoing hair loss with great success.